Thursday, March 03, 2016

DIY Instant Shawl

Too much hassle and no time to lilit2 shawl every morning, so you end up wearing yesterday's bawal?

Want to buy the latest craze instant shawls but they're kinda pricey and you don't want to restart your shawl collection all over again right. (Where will you put all your existing shawls - buy a new rack? Or looking at how many of them, maybe buy a new house?)

Here's what you can do: revamp your existing shawls into instant shawls :)

Basic Steps:
1. Own a shawl. I use my shawlbyvsnow basic essential shawls (rectangular cutting with curved ends), some non-label pasar rectangular shawls, and even a wide shawl,
2. If using wide shawl, fold to desired width, just like how you'd fold to wear it. Sew/hem the fold. Make it as neat as you can because this will be around your face and on top of your head.
3. Adjust like how you'd wear a shawl. Usually you'll have short end and long end (long end is the one you lilit around). Pin under your chin. Take it off, sew the short end from inside.
4. Put it on again, lilit and adjust the long end. Pin where necessary. Take shawl off again, careful to have the pins in place. Sew neatly along the edge of the long end where you have marked.
5. (Optional) add accessories.

So of course you can have variations in your diy instant shawl design. Like having pleats at one side, flower or beads accessories, etc.

Example: button and beads at corner.

I ended up making lots:

Cons: now each tudung need its own hanger.

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