Friday, September 11, 2015

What's my dream?

People have dreams right. Like what they REALLY want to do in/with their life.

My dream used to be to be a doctor, because i want to help and treat people. All the way until just before SPM. Because by then i realized that i like physics more than biology.

After that it's just going with the flow, among my 14 siblings, 2 are doctors, 2 are teachers, but none are engineers (well b.sam is engineer for plants but at that time i was not sure haha) so i was like "cool i'll be an engineer" then applied for engineering with SPM results, got to study in vandy, bla3, went back to Malaysia, bla3, then now working at bison.

A job is one thing, a lifestyle another. But what is my DREAM? It irks me that i don't know what my dream is. I know i want to be successfull - that much i know. But successfull in what? What do i consider successfull?

Even when going to FR's sarjana hartanah seminar, and reading blogs of people who has make it in the property investment, the first thing they want you to identify is, "why do you want to do this?" I always skipped this part because i didn't know what i want!

Ok so now i know. Or have some sort of inklings.

I want to be happy. How can i be happy? Am i not happy enough as of now? Is my lifestyle now lacking anything? Why do i need to do anything if i'm already happy?

Answers: yes i like my life well enough. But it can be improved. I like my work - some of it la haha - having data that i can analyze. And statistics to do. Yes i actually like statistics haha. But i don't like having to come to work everyday, having to answer to the bossess, the admin works urgh. Also if i continue to live as now, i don't have time to do all the other things i enjoy. Making clothes. Home diy stuff. Reading books. Cooking. Working out. Travelling. I LOVE going places!

So. What do i want. What is my IDEAL life?

I want to work on my own/ business/ consultancy? That gives me freedom in managing my own time, but will let me have access to data that i can apply my analytical skills. But for business to be successfull (able to provide enough money to live off), i will need to work so hard, i might have less time for my other hobbies.

So here is where property investment plays its role. I want rental income of 5k. Comfortable amount for me to save for emergency fund, give to my mom, spend for travelling, and living life.

Since my consultancy business will be just a side income - a hobby, if you will - i will not be burdened to continually work hard 24/7. I will have the freedom to do what i enjoy. Consulting/analyzing when i want to. Travelling when i want to. Sewing when i want to. Sleeping when i want to (lol)

Idea for own business: technical/statistic trainer? Consultant in what? Interior designer? Boutique shareholder? Food-related cafe/restaurants?

Consultant/trainer. Interior designer. Tailor. Traveller.

Even a housewife, mayhaps haha
But a busy and interesting housewife, yeah?

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raindrops_on_my_head said...

I'm still not sure what my dream is....

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