Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Summary so far

1. Exercising trying to lose weight/fat and building stamina to sport better. Nak terer futsal punya pasal hahhaha. But it's nice friends and makcik2 notice this and commented that i do look fitter. Blom kurus lagi ye. In progress haha wish me luck!

2. Getting further away from beliau. Well he's busy and doesn't spend time for me. So i'm making myself busy, having fun without him. Slowly getting over this. If it is, it will be, and vice versa. Tak matilah even if i'm not with him. Haha dengar tak tu bunyi riak hasil tawar hati org perempuan.

3. Seriously single track minded. Bila ni tengah gila bola, hobbies lain (menjahit, mencari rumah, membaca buku) semua lupa. Want to restart tonight.

4. Getting more fed-up with boss. Makan bising. Duduk dekat2 (i don't like when guys intrude on my personal space. Memang la tak touching tapi uncomfortable.) i have my walls up around most people. And if i like them i'll slowly remove the walls. If not, just stay out. X payah nk act too familiar dgn ice queen ni. Jadi makin annoying je.

5. Job-wise, should start looking for another one? Well lps naik senior ke.

1 comment:

raindrops_on_my_head said...

good luck!!! :) there's other fish in the sea if that one x work out~

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