Monday, December 16, 2013

Sweets - checked

1. Pulls up car because it was raining and i was wearing a long dress. He offered, i didn't ask hehe
2. Kept looking at me when i'm driving. Often wants me to drive (we took turn).
3. Bought me food and drinks. Kalau ckp lapar, he'll find some food lol
4. Remembered most of the stuffs i talked about with him
5. Noticed and mimicked my weird talk hahaihhh
6. Didn't try to refuse when i said i want to pick up Cikna. He even said to wait first in case she's not answering because she's in the shower
7. After the long cold treatment/ my sulking last time, he even tried to make it a point to say "who? What girl? IMmediately forgot her"
8. Brought me along to meet his friends
9. Concerned. late to go lunch/ skip lunch --> he'll definitely ask why/ what's wrong. 
10. If i sulk, he'll know and mengalah.

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