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Langkawi Trip Review

Langkawi trip review

Hotel: sandybeach resort, cenang.
Got the room at the other side of the road, so we didn't have a nice beach view at all. Hostel-like style but with the price we're paying, can't really complain right hahahh. Anyhoo it serves its purposes - to sleep in and hot shower after all those beach activities.

Day 1 - Cable car, telaga tujuh, makam mahsuri.
Cable car: RM15 for adult mycard holders. I've been up there three times already (twice when in school 7-8 years ago) so nothing really new/exciting anymore. Scenic Langkawi aerial view i guess.

Telaga tujuh: parking RM2. Going up there is free since you have to walk on your own. 335 steps total. Even with my quite active sports routine (badminton and futsal) i still had to rest twice. Haha but at least better than when I went there in standard 5/6 (11/12 years old)... I was so out of shape and nearly gave up on going up.

Makam Mahsuri: again, been there quite a few times already so i just homored my tripmates that haven't been there before. Entry RM7 for adult. Traditional Malay house things. Mahsuri well and mausoleum.

Day 2 - short island hopping, shopping, Dataran Lang, MRSM Langkawi, beach crashing.
Short island hopping: went with the nearest agent to our room because Daly's damn tired after the 7 well hike lol. RM35/adult because it's peak season. If not i think can be less than RM30. The van picked us up at 9:00am. Went on small boat (about 12 people). 3 destinations. First we stopped at pulau beras basah - standard beach, playing in the water. One hour there. Then we 'paused' near some island while the boat drivers throw some food (chicken meat) for the eagles. For the photo geeks out there, get ready with your fancy ass cameras because it's cool as hell seeing the majestic predator birds swoop in near the water and just basically soaring around above you. Last, we stopped at pulau dayang bunting. Since all of us are not really condlfident with our swimming skills (in my case, i sink like a stone and barely can move around with a life jacket on T_T) we didn't go into the water. But we did rent a solar boat and paddled around for half an hour. Apart from that, nothing really to do there. Oh by the way, the lake is about 1km walk inside the island so the boat dropped us at the island jetty (in peak season, some drama ensues. Like srsly. Wtf hahahha) then you walk inland a bit and there's platforms at the side of the lake. Got back to room about 1:30pm.

Shopping: went to idaman suri and haji ismail group. I can say that things are quite different to 7-8 years ago haha
Dataran Lang: picturesses

MRSM Langkawi: visited my old school!! Hahahh very nostalgic indeed. Great to see where i spent two years of my life before.

Beach crashing: four season resort near Tanjung Rhu is definitely another world entirely. The ambient, deco, urgh. Amazing. But cost a fortune hahahh

Day 3 - payar island marine park, massage.
Payar island: RM100. Seriously worth it to see. Beautiful coral. But a bit sad that some of the corals are injured. There were even sharks swimming among us!! How cool is that?? The beach are crowded, but if you swim a bit more away from the beach, it gets better/less crowded hehe. Had the misfortune to have this one couple with our trip. They swam really messily made huge splashes. I mean, it's like they're rushing to and from the coast, not to see the corals but just to swim. Wtf?? Dah la i ni snorkeling lesen L pstu drg men langgar2 pulak haiyaaa i nebes okeee. Anyway got to meet the sharkies!! Arghkkk i think i'm addicted to snorkeling already. (But still x pndai swim hahahhaa)

Massage: RM30 for 30mins foot massage. And extra 5 mins for shoulder. The masseuses were from Thai i think.

(Thanks mia for some of below recommendations)
Wonderland seafood, kuah: ordered udang lipan cili kering, baby kailan oyster sauce, ikan jenahak stim asam. RM50. The fish is good. I mean, really good. The udang lipan's so-so.
D'grill ikan bakar, sandy beach resort, cenang: of the same owner of where we stayed, but located right next to the beach. Ordered squid tom yam, tiger prawn butter grilled, grilled fish. RM145. The tiger prawns alone was RM81 hahahhh giloss. But seriously taste amazing. The fish is the best we think. Also, romantic ok dining outdoor near the beach keke

Night market: ok la. Grilled lamb Bell bought was good. Mine's nasi tomato, just so-so. Daly's soup is also so-so. Should've bought what the northern folks are good at - like laksa.
Pantai near the Langkawi airport: laksa ikan sekoq is good, the cendol pulut is also good. Good alas perut while we go for a massage first before the real dinner hahahh

Ikan bakar haji Ramly, cenang: ordered crab thai chilly style, sotong goreng tepung, kerabu mangga, and kangkung belacan. RM56. Good value for the food. The crab is especially good. The squid tempura just okay, a bit bland they said. But srsly didn't expect it to be that cheap hehe

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