Thursday, September 19, 2013

Courting noob 3

Is it normal for a guy to discuss about marriage when he's alone with a girl?

Mcm ni. Kn hr tu ade cte yg pkcik ni (F=26 years old je actually) slalu gak ckp2 psl member die kawin2 etc etc. pstu smalam berbangkit lg. sbab adik dia baru tunang weekend lepas. Pstu die smbung cte lg how his mom keeps teasing and asking him when to get married. So. How does one should respond to that?

Srsly. Ni soklan serius. As a guy, do you normally talk about these things to any of your female friends? I mean, i dont want to read too much into nothing. Is this a hint or not?

I wanted to ask this on fb but he's there........

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