Thursday, September 19, 2013

A different kind of girls

My new housemate N is a typical girl - girl.
(Putting aside her cute physial features,)
She's the kind that prefers others doing the rough jobs for her, not wanting to get her hands dirty. She looks and acts fragile but is used to getting her ways. If i were to classify her according to the discovery insights colour wheel, she is dedinitely red-yellow. Everybody says what a good girl she is, treat her very nicely because of that, but i think she's a lot tougher than she looks. Not physically, but character-wise. A true meek and docile girl won't be as assertive as she is. So really i don't know if it's only me that realizes this or what.
The other one - B - is more like me. We're a bit more on the tough side both character-wise and physical-wise. I don't mean size-wise because both my housemates are petite.
Obviously, i get along better with B. (fyi, B and i Y are both technical people - we're engineers. N on the other hand is in finance)
Example - assembling racks. We bought a metal hanging rack each, and she directly asks us to assemble it for her, not bothering to try it herself first. I mean, i'd understand if she's with her husband, but she was with us fellow around same age young ladies. (B 25, Y 24, N 23 years old) and that's why i say she's a bit spoiled and used to getting her ways.

I'm sharp, and that's a double edge too.
I'm independent, and that's too manly for most guys.

What if i told you that being overly conscious of a woman's independence, of her intelligence, of her capability, and feeling like you have to prove your superiority just to feel manly just proves otherwise?

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raindrops_on_my_head said...

agree... i like showing my independence, and any guys that is bothered by it I would just think is not manly enough to accept the facts :P and btw, don't help her assemble la! hahaa... i won't if I don't want to~

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