Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I (still) have a phobia of (deep) water.
I can swim if I'm wearing a lifejacket.
So maybe that's one of the reason for the phobia.
And it's quite bad to the point that if I submerge my face in water, and open my eyes (looking underwater) I'll see piranhas, sharks, crocs, anacondas, etc opening their jaws and baring their teeth at me.
Once I nearly drowned. I was lounging on a tube in the water at the beach, and I dozed off (yes I know it's silly and dangerous, but hey I was 9-10yo) so I slipped down from the tube face first into the water. At that moment what I saw (in my head) was the hammer shark going for me. So I panicked. And I realized my feet can't touch the bottom. More panic. But luckily my older brother's nearby so he pulled me and brought me to shallower area. Really since then I got really aware/on full alert of water that's taller than me ^^;;
I think this is common only among kids, so i think i should cure this soon. like REALLY SOON. i'm 23 this year after all. *sighs*

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