Sunday, December 11, 2011

Twilight and Nightlight

          I read all four of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. I'm not a fan of the first-person POV, but after tuffin' it out and just told myself not to think that the "I" in the book is me, i was finally able to read it. Why, you say? Why wouldn't you want one gorj stalker-ish sparkly vampire in love with you, or that you're such a klutz that you're a walking accident DiD, or just not having any characters at all? Yes, that's the reason.
ni sume buku cikna, mine's just the parody. heh
          Apart from having some of these prejudice when reading it, I did somewhat enjoy it. It's an mmh-OK-chic-lit I guess. But know what I enjoy more? The parody. It's called Nightlight, written by a bunch of students from Harvard who calls themselves The Harvard Lampoon.
          Right off the bat, they scored with the characters' names: Belle Goose and Edwart Mullen. Ed-WART. As in you have a wart on your face. Geddit? Other than that, I like this Belle better. She had more character than the original. orz.
ngap ngap epall

          You have to at least read the first two Meyer's books to get the parody, and you'd be laughing your asses off. It's a light and quick read; I finished this along with Chelsea Handler's "Vodka, are you there? It's me, Chelsea" in one night. You can bet that was one helluva night. People outside my room must think I've gone crazy laughing out loud like that on my own, alone, in my room. The book's not laughably funny from cover to cover, but there are some things that just tickle you. I think it's hilarious in the beginning, but less so towards the end.. you know coz they do have to tie things up and what not, so there's more logic and resolution there (more logic, less funny).

          But it was a good read all in all. For twi-fans that know how to poke fun at themselves (and their beloved series), that is. So if you're the type that just can't stand humor or another critical comment about your sparkling glittery edwart or your bella or your ripped, shirtless hot jacob, stay away, please.

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