Friday, September 30, 2011

of Bleach Movie 4: Hell Chapter

Yes, so I bought the DVD for the movie when I just happened to see them in Popular book store hunting for some books. I saw one for Fade to Black too but chose to get Hell Chapter first since I already watched FtB and still have a soft copy of it somewhere inside one of my external hard drives.

Some Japanese fans gave spoilers about the knight-in-shining-armor ichigo and chained Nud3 rukia when the movie first shown last year. So I was totally thrilled to see it for myself. The shining-armored ichigo is, shiny, for lack of better words. You just have to see this one fanart by a Japanese fan depicting him in all his shining glory complete with the starry sparkles apt for a shoujo manga (sarcasm fully intended). Personally the getup is too costume-y and sort of lame-ish. it's too un-masculine for the boy. I was curious before, but having seen it firsthand, I was positively LOLling there.
dengan kuasa bulan akan menghukum mu
[note: for the fanart, just look around the bleachness community on LJ, I'm sure it's still in there somewhere]

On the other hand, rukia. err well just see it for yourselves heh
so it's still an anime for all ages, the magma just thoughtfully draped around covering some certain areas. *coughs*

OK, now getting the cracks in full dose. The supposedly heart-something-ly back hug scene between kurosaki-kun and inoue.
yea heart-something-ly so
ichigo: *gasps* B00BS!! 0_0
All those things aside, it's still a great Shounen Jump movie. Lots of beautiful fightings and actions. And perhaps you would want to read/know more about the drama between Kubo-sensei and the power-to-be of the film production? [link to mangastream forum] it basically said that Kubo wants his name to be removed from being the executive director of this movie due to his lack of say in it.

And one last crack. just because you adhered and read to the end:
ichigo: B00B$! RUKIA'S!! XDD
p/s: coz we all know underneath all that shounen hero i'm-gonna-protect-everybody crap, he's just a perv. just like me. no scrap that. that's off record ok. for now.
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