Monday, May 02, 2011

Be Your Own Cheerleader

     So last night I went to the gym, and while cycling on the machine, I read a magazine, and somewhere towards the end of that magazine, I found an article titled "Be your own cheerleader", complete with a cartoon illustration of a jumping, brightly smiling, cheery cheerleader in a purple uniform. My interest was kindled, and I quickly found myself deeply concentrated on the content.
          The first step is to identify and recognize your own strengths and qualities. Make a list of them. If you're lost, try to remember things about you that people have complimented on. Take compliments at their face-value; don't try to deny them and bask in the feel-good sensation of being praised. It's not for bragging, but just for some confidence-boost.
          The second step is to build a wardrobe that would accentuate your strong points. "If you have it, flaunt it", they say.
          And the third and final step is to thank for what you have, and not for what you don't. If you think that your legs are not pretty enough, try running and you should be thankful that they're strong, and not be thinking that they're not pretty instead. Try standing in front of a mirror and thank for each and every part of you that's there and beautiful.
     It was a good self-motivational article, and I felt good after reading it.

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