Monday, May 02, 2011

#23 - clothes

I'm a Muslim Woman. (no, that's not what i'm confessing about today.. you'd probably know that already by now lol) As you may as well know, us Muslims have some very restricted, particular rules and requirements about how we dress. More-so for women. We have to cover a lot of stuffs like our hair, our legs, our chests, etc. so some clothing items are out of the question if we wanna wear them to go out. but of course, i'd still have the desire to try them on. and that is what this post is about: my secret guilty fashion desire ^^;;

for a starter, i'd really like to let my hair free. walking in the breeze, letting them flow in the air.. those cliche' stuffs. (anybody who invented the super-model wind-effect is a genius XDvv)
then i want to put on a cute short dress without having to wear it with some pants. just.the.dress. just.
i want to wear denim hot pants. match them with some cute top or just some t-shirts for a laid-back weekend. I'm not too eager to try on short skirts.. it'd be a hassle to always be on your guard not to flash people your panties lol
Sighs I can't wait to have my own house with some private, closed beach =P haha seronok berangan

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