Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 27 – What kind of person attracts you?

lelaki mcm ni. boleh x haha. pakcik botak ni sgt kacak =P
Someone tall, dark, and handsome; typical like as described in old english novels haha. well because I especially like those old classic literatures. a friend of mine cik elle once said that i'm jual mahal sangat. but i don't think that i'm choosy or high-taste or demanding.. i fall in like with people here and there every now and then, but then he likes other people, so. it just didn't happen yet..
          i just want to like someone who:
- is taller than me. i'm not that tall anyway..just 166cm. it's not like i'm 175cm or a model or something =| (the average for Malay women is 153.3cm, and for men it's 164.7cm [link]) ok i'm slightly above average, but still.
- is older than me. even if we're of the same age (born in the same year), i want his birthday to be earlier than mine. yeah it's such a petty detail.. but that's just how i feel ^^;;
- knows how to azan. it doesn't have to be beautiful or anything.. i just want him to know and be able to azan when the time comes.
- is not whiter or fairer than me. just because.
- is 'somewhat' matured. i think i can be considered as quite matured, but still, i'm the youngest of my siblings, so sometimes the spoilt me might comes out, so.
right. i don't think this is too much or strict..(or is it?) considering some girls listed some required physical appearance or financial incomes, i'm not that bad right. i don't know how to act all girly and stuffs. plus my physique's bigger than the average girl. they usually relate 'cute' with 'small' right. and my face to say's snobbish? prudish? arrogant? stuck-up? unfriendly? yeah long-story-cut-short, i seem hard to approach and intimidating. even girls think that i'm quite hard to get close to.

note: (hi fish) this is NOT some hints as to whom i had a crush on some time ago. it's just my general ideals. but of course sometimes I had crushes that didn't follow a few of these; like when I started liking someone within the same batch (remember that old one in high school?), I didn't know his birthday yet, so then I found out that it's later than mine, and i'd feel down but by that time i already liked him, so. sobs.
p/s: if you're wondering why I haven't ever confess to any of my crushes, it's just because I hate it when people say that i'm 'perigi mencari timba', 'gedik', etc.


cc said...

xde pon botak dlm diskripsi?

Dr.Senbe said...

x pyh la smpai botak. rmbut pendek sudehh. org botak kepala senang panas, n cepat berpeluh.

wawamagic said...

pakcik botak tooott~~

Dr.Senbe said...

shuddup ah wa. ko bongkah specky ex-bff HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAA

wawamagic said...

i loike ur confession. ROFTL
u're cute like ular albino.

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