Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break at the Beach House [part1]

          hey this is actually the first time i write about my trip, right. so this year's spring break (i just got back!! =P), i spent some lazy fun times at a beach house at ponte vedra, florida. we went south for hope of a warmer weather and sunnier days =).  the trip totaled to 32 person, mainly of my (senior) batch, and some sophomores and freshmen. we were there from march 6 (sunday night) to 11 (thursday). it took us about 10-11 hours from nashville by car.
this is our beach house!! =))
i was so excited to get to a beach after like a year XDvv
it was a bit cold, but we persevered! haha nothing can stop us from going into the water, i tell ya =P
On the first (arrival) day, we played the kite (baly brought it =D), played in the water (to heck with the chilly winds), and built a sandcastle!
eh penatla compile2 gambar ni. ok stop kat sini haha gile pemalas baru cerita 1 hari XDD

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