Friday, March 11, 2011


(i think) i have a brother complex. of course i'm not talking about incestuous love or anything of the sort; i just know that my brothers are all good men, and that i respect and admire them a lot. once, when one of my brother's going to get married, i dreamed that i punched and kicked his bride-to-be. later, my friend said that based on an analysis of dreams, it meant that i was jealous of my future sister-in-law. it's just that i know she's really lucky to have him.

so if there's this guy who have some characteristics like my brother, and i ended up respecting/admiring him like i do my brother, is that considered like-like? but i swear i see him exactly like my brother. but then if there's this one other guy who (i think) i like because he has all/most of the criteria i like in a guy. does this make me one annoying confused girl with a brother complex, or just plain undecided? is this like-like thing the same as picking up a fitted ZARA suit? you have all these points to look in a blazer, but then you tried something out just by coincidence, and you ended up loving (and buying!) that random one..?
seriously, this like-like business is confusing me.. as expected of an affair-less person ;))


wawamagic said...

the confession of a gayholic.

Dr.Senbe said...

haha is that a new word; gayholic?
i think this "brother complex" thing is similar to that research that says '7 out of 10 women chooses a husband that resembles/ is similar to her dad'.

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