Thursday, March 17, 2011


          a family always have their own secrets and principles. like our family have this some sort of silent agreement and promise never to 'steal' another woman's husband. it's taboo for us.. knowing how much it will hurt the first wife, seeing it up close with our own eyes, experiencing the situation ourselves. so this thought of never hurting another woman (in this emotional aspect) was etched deep inside my brain.
          sometimes it's for you to fight for what you want, and sometimes it's for you to pull back and stand down. the line between them is blurred, and i found myself usually just running away from any dramas. why? because i just hate the hassle and and the buzz and the tears and the backstabbing and the everything.
          the funny thing is that i've experienced some kinda half-cooked drama during my freshmen year. i was kinda 'hyper' at that time.. being in a new place and new environment. so i was high-spirited and excited. and what do i do when i'm excited? i seem friendlier and easier to approach than the usual everyday-me. i was being friendly (joking around and teasing, etc.) with a guy, and at that time i didn't know he was in some kinda 'affair/ scandal/ rumored budding relationship' with a girl. the girl was so cute.. before, she was totally fine and cool with me, but after my being friendly with the guy, she was like being a little hostile and so-not-cool with me anymore lol. what's funny is that she actually cared about me. i mean come on. it's ME. did she actually feel insecure because of me? that's the funniest part. i wasn't even flirting, for goodness sake. so because i just hate this kinda dramas (actually, i hate all types of it), i just stopped messing with him, and what do you know, about a year after that she's cool with me again. ^^;; girls are cute right lolol


cc said...

anggap la itu suamtu compliment utk ko sbb perempuan jeles kat ko sbb lelaki. muahahaha!

*gelak guling2

Dr.Senbe said...

haha duhh dah a baru sampai..pastu dah nak drama2 camtu..mesti a yah backoff laju2 kan ^^;;

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