Saturday, December 11, 2010


forewords: tagged->write 25 things about yourself->tag other 25 people including who tagged you.

1. i was tagged to do this whole damn thing by WAWA
2. i'm a girl (though i used to want to be a boy -but i'm over it now)
3. i'm a gemini
4. i was born in the year of snake
5. i like the number 2x4=8
6. i think i'm a pretty faithful kinda girl. i've liked this one guy for more than 4 years now. of course once in a while i'll like some other guy, but he's the steady one. the rest are just like plaything entertainment when i'm bored. but with him, every time i see him i'd remember why i like him and so i keep liking him.
7. i'm an honest person except when being honest disadvantages me
8. i'm a good liar. if it's not wrong i'll put "scam for money" as my aspiration. but because it's wrong, i'll just stop at lying.
9. i have a cat that i named "Timon", after Malay's word for cucumber. but when people asked, i said that it was after Timon & Pumba from The Lion King.
10. i'm not plastic
11. but i'm vain
12. but i'm self-conceited so instead i said i just love myself
13. but i'm an egoist so i won't say that out loud
14. i'm a sadistic sadist. and that i won't deny.
15. i crave adrenaline rush. bungee jumping, sky diving, thrill rides, haunted house -bring it on.
16. i like traveling and vacations.
17. i love money more than you do.
18. i love cute things, like my nephews and nieces. and sometimes my friends.
19. i love meaningful things, like Linkin Park's song lyics.
20. i'd love to sing and dance.
21. but i'm tone deaf and rhythmically uncoordinated.
22. i love watching crackful variety shows more than dramas or music programs.
23. i don't need a man, but i'd want one.
24. i'm a feminist. i don't have anything against feminism.
25. i can bitch.

taggees: WAWA, cikna, keena, maman, qila, k.fadd, flint, dayah papatt, spe lg tah ade blog.

anyway. bonus clip 


wawamagic said...

u luv cute things? ohno x cute pown~~~~~ :P

oh no wonder u luv me, kan~ ha3!!!

Dr.Senbe said...

yes i toootalllly looovvveee you.
(if you're wondering, yes it's sarcasm)

UMAH said...

mak aih! ape ke hei hang tag aku without me knowing it! cess.. ak pn bru discover blog hang ni..

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