Wednesday, December 15, 2010

eh babi.

cursing is good for your body and brain. (but not your heart.. they say with every curse word you'll get one black dot in your heart or something)
not saying that i'm cursing at you or anyone at that. it's simply just cursing at general. like the simple act of opening your mouth, moving your tongue, vibrating your voice-box, and letting alllllll the bad things out. it's a great exercise to rid you of any pent-up emotions and stress. so come on and practice it with me:
i say: BABI
you say: VAVI
i say: no. not like that. you don't have to mind all those prudes out there. just let it all roll out. crisp and clear. now, again. BABI
you say: BAB*
i say: NO. NO CENSORSHIP. that's just for pussies. you're not a puss are you?
you say: ... i.. i'm not... well.. babi..
you say: !!!... BABI!
i say: GOOD. crisp and clear, just the way i like it. now on to the next one.. FUCK YOU!
you say: b..but you said you're not going to curse at me..
you say: that.. that's too advance for me
i say: no that's not part of the lesson. i was simply cursing at random =D
you say: oh.
ah. i feel great after that exercise. you see, feelings are not always mutual, so the rate of emotions coming in and out are not the same. so there must be some emotions directed at not someone to make the emotions stable again. cursing at random is one way to achieve that goal. or should i say "undirected cursing", to be exact. to conclude this exercise session, cursing at people is bad. but an undirected cursing, or cursing at random can be good. with that, i bid thee farewell. for now, anyway.
yours sincerely,
ini babi the binatang.


wawamagic said...

tq kerana buat otot risorius aku mengembang sbb tersengih baca mende ni. ^____^

Dr.Senbe said...

ko mmg tau psl otot risorius tu or n yeah mmg matlamat hidup aku nk bg ko sengih ^_____^

wawamagic said...

mmg tau psl sem lepas aku blaja anatomi & fisiologi utk pjk.

cc said...

ckp kat mak ko suka maki!


Dr.Senbe said...

cikna jgn jd balaci!
kne still jge image yah dpn mak hoho

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