Saturday, July 10, 2010

i want to work at microsoft

if i wanted to be graded on my attendance, i'd take DSCP101, not SMTHG101. i put efforts outside of class sessions, amounting to more than the hours i missed. my works are pretty awesome and better than the average of the class. what's the deal with not giving me at least a B+? (in my book, i give myself at least an A-, bcos there's ONE assignment that i rushed through; not getting the most bestest result, but hey at least i finished ALL of the assignments. UNLIKE some of the classmates who completely didn't even do one of the assignments) i didn't see the point of coming to class when it's just me working on my project quietly, with some interjections of people talking to me, and it's not about how to better my works. what's wrong with me finishing my works outside of class? at least when i'm in class, i spent QUALITY time and work, not just messing around, lazing, chitchatting. or busy with changing the radio station.
heh. the project that the professor said was my best one, is actually done and finished in my room; not in class, even.
y'know. in 2010, (pretty recent, don't you think) Microsoft was voted the best place to work. one of the main reason for this is their flextime working environment. It improves employees' motivation and productivity, and decreases excessive traveling costs. Microsoft made a HUGE increase in profit because of this, and other companies have begun to adapt this policy, too. Although the traveling costs (in financial aspect) don't have any effect in my case, but this certainly is a new, revolutionary policy. why get stuck on something not beneficial, just because of old, traditional ways?

I admit that for certain courses, attendance is necessary (notice; i will never say that attendance is mandatory) for students to fully grasped the materials, and avoid fatal misconceptions. but for some other courses, that mostly depends on students' effort, why should it be mandatory? what, to boost the instructor's self esteem or sense of popularity? to decrease the loneliness of being stuck in that room for hours? to just that being in there like zombies good kids? well snobby obnoxious people might argue that it's for the sake of 'growing up' or honing discipline or what-fucking-ever. but like i said; if i wanted to be graded on discipline, i'd take DSCP101, stupid.

say. i don't give a fuck. in my pretty head i give myself an A. suit yourself for not admitting that I'M A FRICKIN' GENIUS.

cheers, losers. 

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