Tuesday, June 22, 2010

too much sleep leads to useless dreams

having a room near the kitchen have a huge effect on what my dreams are about. this morning, i heard/smell someone cracking, cooking eggs, so i dreamt about eggs.

i was walking in a recreational forest/jungle, and i noticed a few bird nests up among the tree branches. one of the other people in the dream tried to take the small egg, but i said no. he insisted, and the branches shook, and the egg fell down on the rock. the shell broke, but luckily, the egg was empty; it already hatched. 

then we noticed another nest in the trunk of another tree. this one has a larger egg. again, that other people tried to take the egg, but i tried to stop them. in the struggle, the egg cracked, and inside, there's a duckling fetus, still with its blood, umbilical cord and placenta. i tried to save the duckling by putting it inside a bowl, but the fluid membrane has already broke, so the fetus was drowning. so i asked someone to get a scissor and some cloths for me. i cut the umbilical cord, and the duckling breathed. then i washed the bloody duckling with lukewarm water. 

after i managed to save it, i woke up, feeling tired and somewhat like a doctor after performing a surgery. haha this dream reminded me of the veterinarian i once wanted to be =P

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