Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Unique Flavour Cupcakes

So last time i tried making milk tea cupcakes (cupcake teh tarik):

Ok la. I like the flavour and texture. Gave it 6/10. Recipe from http://ohsweetday.com/2013/07/earl-grey-tea-cupcake.html

Today i tried another unusual flavour: coconut cupcake

Geram tengok ig #cikkiah so this time i up the ante. Coconut pandan cupcake, salted caramel filling, cream cheese frosting, and topped with salted caramel candied walnut, sprinkled with some dried coconut flakes.

Housemate and friends: yahhhh why you bake these weird flavour cupcakes?
Yah: Too hipster to bake goddam chocolate cupcakes hahahahha

In all seriousness though, is it just me or you bakers/foodies out there also get bored making the same things? I felt like baking is a challenge and once i nailed that recipe, i don't feel that excited anymore. Oh well baking for own tummy hehe

I have lots of cream cheese frosting leftover. Because i messed up the liquid (whipping cream) ratio to cream cheese so i had to double everything else and ended up with way too much frosting. Might attempt carrot cake to eat with the cream cheese frosting...

Also in weird flavour cupcakes wishlist:
- cupcake sirap bandung soda

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