Monday, October 19, 2015

DIY Souvenirs - pouch

So. Sengkek people go travelling on a tight budget. Went to Vietnam and liked their coffee (ca-phe) so much, i wanted to give them as souvenirs. Bought lots of the trung nguyen instant coffee. Yeah the pure coffee beans will taste better but i don't think all my friends have coffee maker/ grinder haha.

Planned to put a few sachets inside a pouch. But the sold pouches are way expensive. 1 pouch costs more than RM2, handmade and all. Cheapskate me - heh i can diy the pouches =P

Materials needed:

- cloth (i use old tudung here)
- sciccors
- needle & thread (sewing mc faster)
- craft rope/ ribbon / thread to tie the pouch
- some pattern to trace & permanent marker or sharpie (optional. Cuter)

Reverse-engineer a pouch that i have, then cut and sew the cloth. Trace the cute coffee line-art with a sharpie/ permanent marker. Then iron/press the pouch so it gets tidier and smarter. Insert the craft rope/thread and tie it.

Not that hard to make but still no time to make 40 pouches. So some people get a simplified souvenirs: 

What. It's still coffee. Haha

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