Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Skytrex Adventure and the city escapade

Successfully planned and organized a weekend trip with my bison colleagues 😎✨✨

We went to skytrex adventure in Shah Alam. all of us played the Little Adenture first (warmup hehe) and then most of us opted for the Big Thrill, and only two of us did the Extreme Challenge. It was worth the money and time i think. Had so much fun! 😁 (but arms super hurt afterwards gahh)

After exercise, went to Mohd Chan Chinese Muslim restaurant. The chef himself came out and devised a menu to our budget (RM35/pax, 10 pax). Satisfied with the taste and quantity 👍👍

Then checked in to hotel, cleaned up and rested a bit. That night we went to walk around i-city. Very touristy heheh 👽

The next day we went to Klebang for the hyped coconut shake (had to qeueu for 45 minutes! 😤). Actually planned to go to theme park or something but everyone's still recovering from skytrex lol

P/S: thanks yang for helping me on the skytrex 💖 +20pts. 

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