Saturday, December 07, 2013

Dating x2

Second consecutive saturday we went out. Last wk looking at houses. Today at home fair. Both times at persada. Both times went for lunch/dinner afterwards.

(Dunno why but when talking about him, i just have to make it in points to NOT lose track of my own mind)

1. I'm srsly happy when i'm with him. Happy and just be me, myself. Earlier today, maybe i was too self-conscious and was trying to act all datey2 i got so awkward n nervous n as a result got weird. But somehow he just kept talking and i don't even realize how or when, by the time we almost head back, i just noticed that i was back to myself and actually being happy with him without thinking anything. He's easy like that <3 you know sometimes i got conscious of not being spoilt, not too crazy, not too rough, not too demure, not too whatever. But with him, i just don't care. Sometimes i curse. Sometimes i berzikir/religious stuffs. Sometimes i get spoilt. Sometimes i whine. Often i laugh and chuckle and giggle. I even sulk hahahaihh

2. Walking through the home fair, lots of the promoters tried to get through to us by saying "first house? Want sofa/tv/kitchen/etc.?" Then when we got to coway (dunno why he was interested to listen) the coway guy even asked, "sekarang duduk asing2?" Hangguk, "ye". Pastu dia mcm buat muka nk tanya tp malu, "akak ni........ *diam x smbung tp msih nk berminat*" saje dengki budak coway tu, i kept smiling and look at him like i don't know what he's trying to get to hahahhahaha. Lama diam. Pstu dia tanya gak haihhhh ".....bakal?" Hahahh x tau nk jwb cmne. (Effie was on the phone talking to his housemate while all this happened) diam lama. Shrug+geleng 25 degrees. Rasa mcm nk jwb je "umm entahlah, cuba tanya abang ni" -_- pstu time buat credit card the chinese guy tu siap ingat i'm a housewife, so dia x offer to make me one. And even the girls pun tanya, "akak, ade credit card?" -"xde, mmg x pakai." --"x nk mintak satu dr abang tu?" ---"hahahahhh!! Tak lah" (smbung dlm hati.. I'll make a cc myself, because i can afford to and i make my own money) aiyaaa ade tokoh housewife kah??

All this, is somehow a deja vu.

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