Monday, October 28, 2013


Baru faham why people say that anak bongsu ni kuat merajuk. I mean, dulu mmg la i often sulk. Tp bila dh bsr x de dh. Merajuk turns into rebels and silent protests and withdrawals. But we just call that the teenage phase right. Only recently i have this realization that i might have not changed much since little. Nak tu, x dapat? Fine, x payah. You don't like me? Fine, i'll move on. I texted you a whole lot and actually makes an effort for you and you're like that? Fantastic, i'll stop.

Seriously i can be feeezing cold when i want to.

And now at work - x dpt something je trus rasa stress haha. Org bg emel jht to me, i reply with venom. Fabulous!

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