Thursday, September 27, 2012

Can i sue Celcom for this?

I opted for Celcom when choosing which carrier's data plan to use for my iPhone because it was the only one that does not cut-off your internet without charging you more.. It just slow down your speed (digi is cheap, but once limit is reached, internet is cut. Maxis doesn't cut it, but charge you heaps more for any additional internet you use) but now suddenly Celcom is changing their terms and wanted to stop my access to internet once my limit is reached. What THE FUCK??


cc said...

digi pun mcm celcom, slowkan speed. aku pakai digi tak pernah pulak internet kena bar.

ke internet ko kena cut sebab bill dah sampai limit?

Dr.Senbe said...

klo bill smpai limit pon, should not affect the data plan, by right. it's a separate thing. my mcAdvance plan: rm50 for sms n calls (but credit limit 150) and rm58 for data plan.. dh byr mhl cmni tiap2 bln pon nk kena bullshit lg. haram jadah sungguh

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