Sunday, April 15, 2012

Free Hotel & orang muka ketat

I LOVE getting free hotel stays..
I think I've gotten 3 paid stays up to now; the first was for the PMR, second for SPM, and this time for work. I see it as a treat. Because well not everyday you'd get a free room right. And usually if it's the hotel I book myself, it won't be this fancy-fancy lol. But most importantly my parents got to experience it too ;)

The first time, I was 15 years old in KL. It was for being top 25 students in PMR, national level, so it was paid by the LPM. I think it was 26 or 27 November 2004. Around the time that tsunami hit Kedah/Penang. It was also the first time I stayed in hotel without anyone more experienced in the drill (i.e. older brother or sister that usually takes care of the check-in/out procedures, lead the way to breakfast/ meals, etc.) so I was kinda 'lost' haha. but heck it was still a pretty sweet time. I remembered my mom trying to order coffee because the only ready-made drinks are juice, but the waiter couldn't understand her. She said "mintak air kopi panas", then he was not sure if he understood correctly, so he asked back, "coffee?" and kinda looked at me to confirm it. Heck I was 15, not so confident in my spoken english yet, so I thought I made it clear just by nodding back at him, but then my mom added, "ha yang panas ye" and my dad was all "coffee, one coffee". So the waiter went to get it and when he returned to us, all he brought was a cup of warm water! lolllllll sigh

[Summary: November 2004, 15yo with parents, exp 0%, badass 30% -still cuak nak call room service, tapi still mintak jugak for iron board & coffee/tea/sugar/etc.]

The second time, it was under MARA, for an event at PWTC celebrating MRSM students who get straight A1's. it must've been some time in March or April 2007, forgot the date. This time was even merrier than the first since more people I know are staying in the same hotel. We chatted until late at night before going up to bed haha. During the event at PWTC, we were sorted by school and number of subjects taken (in this case, number of A1's lol). MRSM Langkawi that year only has one 12-A1's; Nabil, one 11-A1's; me, and many 10 and 9-A1's. So I was seated alone, separate from the others. sobs. It was so boring having no well-acquainted friends/classmates to fool around with. and around me were a lot of students from same MRSM, like Jasin, etc, so they knew each other. I was so irked when the guys from Jasin were obnoxiously cheering "TGB! TGB!!" when it was a Jasin student's turn on the stage.. So albeit sitting alone there in the middle of other teams (I was quite the 'away' team there lol) I just selfishly loudly clearly cheered and clapped for all of the Langkawi students haha. The few guys sitting next to me kept glancing and then after a few lone cheer, he joined me clapping for them lol.

[Summary: April 2007, almost 18yo with parents, exp 30%, badass 60% -same macam 1st time, just this time dah x cuak sangat. cakap inggeris pun dah lagi konfiden haha]

bougainvillaea balcony overlooking the pool. let's see if i'd be rajin enough to hang out down there or go to the gym haha

This time, it was on the company for relocation/moving assistance before i start work here in Senai. First time having a hotel room all to myself though. (ok, that's a lie. I stayed on my own at a hotel in Paris, but that was a cheap hotel. so no pressure there haha) Staying in a fancy hotel on my own like this is definitely a first for me, somehow it makes me really feel like a career woman ;)) hopefully this'll be the first out of many..aminn. But i noticed when i checked in yesterday, and they were checking my reservations, payment details, etc. the guy processing my details said "ok, reservation for __(full name)__, from XX to XX April, paid by __(company)__, breakfast for one? please hold on, I'll get your keys" then while waiting,some the other staffs were looking at me, like who/what is she? seriously, i don't know either to be flattered or what.

[Summary: April 2012, almost 23yo, alone, exp 90%, badass 90% -ok, ni kalau lepas dok obersea 4 tahun pon x reti cakap omputeh lagi x tau la (not saying you need to go there to speak English well, just saying in my case i definitely improved after living in US) just me. ehh *shrug*]

seriously, mak mesti macam "ko telepon sape tu yah? nak ape lagi?" everytime i call the room service/front desk. macam x nak menyusahkan dorang. tapi dah kita bayar (well, in these cases orang bayarkan hehe), and it's their job, so i was like "xde ape, just nak gula/iron/internet/etc. je" kan, bukan selalu dapat layanan macam ni hehe biorle rasa pampered sikit.. ;P

and it's true what old people said; "jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan" i think travelling with peers/younger friends, experiencing things in life definitely makes you more confident with yourself. you learn new stuffs, so when you're thrown le wild one, you'd be less flabbergasted. it's not to be arrogant/ showy/ condescending, but just to make you fit in your own skin. because not everyone's decent in this world. next time you encounter muka ketat bitches, just remember: BITCH, I'M FABULOUS! smile, and walk away ;)

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