Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shopping is Shopping

I'm sharing with you (pictures of) what I bought last weekend. They say sharing is caring. who cares.
          Last weekend, 15 of us seniors rented 3 cars and went on a shopping spree at Tanger Five Oaks Outlet Mall, Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It was a 3 hours drive away from Vanderbilt. We departed that morning around 9am, and shopped till around 7pm (Central Time), when we have to stop shopping and do our Zohor/Asar jama' prayer. Then we went to dinner at Golden Corral; a buffet-style restaurant. They had a lot of southern-style cooking. Maybe because my stomach was not feeling too well that day, I just felt like it's not that good a meal. perut jawa haha. But I hate leaving tons of leftovers (budak kat Afrika menangis kebuluran) and as I paid money to eat there, I made myself almost finish what I put onto my plate, and some desserts (ice-cream and banana pudding =Dvv). After that, on the way back, we stopped at a fireworks store and bought some.
          Our first destination was Corelle, Corningware, Pyrex, etc factory outlet. I spent a few hundreds of dollars just at that store. What on earth did I buy? haha I don't have the receipt to list them all out, but from my memory, I think I buy some Visions set, Pyrex set, white french Corningware set, a few boxes of pretty glasses, and a LOT of plates.
Shadow Iris and White Flower Corelle plates.
Good thing my brothers and sister already bought for themselves online, and I just have to help them ship those BOXES and BOXES of these stuffs. Else, I'd have to go find and buy these things for them too and won't have time for my own stuff hehe. Thank you international credit card transactions and financial institution in general.
          Then we walked around going in and out of clothing stores like GAP, Ann Taylor, Liz Clairborne, Calvin Klein, LOFT, Banana Republic, and some others. We were looking for clothes to wear on the Senior Design Day, and maybe some retro clothes for the Senior Farewell Party. We searched in a lot of stores, but I don't think any of us actually bought anything in this matter. I bought a yellow handbag from Wilson Leather:
Guess how much this genuine leather pretty handbag cost; $17. Me: =Dvv
Tired from all this serious shopping business, we bought some Ben & Jerry's ice creams despite the chilly winds up near the Smoky Mountains =p for a little refreshing-ups. Then we went to the Levi's store. My friend had this list of orders from her family back in Malaysia, so she bought like 10 or more of jeans, which summed up to almost $600. CRAZY. I KNOW. I myself bought 3 pairs; black, white, and navy-blue. I've been wanting to buy some jeans since last year, but the Levi's store here in Nashville (one at the Opry's Mall) was closed due to the flood, and hasn't reopen yet. My 3 pairs of jeans cost me about $93, which is quite a great deal. Now you think my expenditure's not that bad after hearing my friend's $600 value of jeans right ^^;;
          We also went to the Sunglass Hut; I wanted to buy one before the summer sun comes out and blazing. (plus it's always summer back home in Malaysia lol) The ones that they said look okay with me were all priced at >$150, so I didn't buy any.. T_T
          Oh yeah we went to Coach to end this trip on a high note. It was so funny seeing the lost, 'deer in a headlight' look on the boys' faces. XDD They were buying handbags for their moms, but at some point, got confused as of what color, design, size, style, they should buy. The girls, on the other hand, were completely in their element lol. These lost and confused boys were scrunching up their faces and had their brows knitted in a frown, thinking hard. It's like this handbag shopping business is some kinda weird, hard exam or something. After a lot of frowning, they resorted to calling back home and asked directly with their moms. Too cute, right? =P


cc said...

imma hating you right now!

Dr.Senbe said...

whyy? pls dont hate me. ever.

lps tu balik trus miskin adess

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