Monday, April 18, 2011

Perfume Collections

who can correctly name all of these perfumes?
kalau betul semua, dapat bubbletea 1 haha
Abercrombie & Fitch's Wakely; Victoria Secret's Sexy Little Things Noir, Sexy Little Things Love Rocks, Very Sexy, Dream Angels Heavenly; Johan B's Merveille; Calvin Klein's Be; Body Shop's Velique; Gervenne Bouquet's Mystique; and Gucci's Gucci (sampler).


raindrops_on_my_head said...

banyaknyer! sume ko punye ker??? aku x reti la pasal perfume2 ni.. the only one I know is mine= Sunflower by Elizabeth Arden~ n aku penah gune bodyshop punyer, Aztique~

Dr.Senbe said...

ye lah aku punye semuaa haha ade bnyk, bukan pakai semua sekali pon =p

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