Monday, April 25, 2011


It's not my fault that I was raised with so much doting and overprotecting and caring love from my family. I had a protected childhood:

My skin was (sometime is) over sensitive. I couldn't even touch laundry detergent. If my skin had contact with it, it will become hot and red and then it started to peel off, and wrinkles appear. So every weekend, instead of me washing my own school shoes, mak would do it for me, up until I was 10-11 years old. Then my sister complained that mak was spoiling me too much and forced me to do it myself. Hey is it my fault that I'm allergic to detergent? Other than that, I also couldn't peel and clean tuberous plants like potato, tapioca, and their leaves. Else I'd get the same reaction like with the detergent.

When it was festive times and we'd play fireworks and firecrackers, and sometimes when my brother got a long holiday, his friends would come over to play and they'd make a meriam tanah (earth canon? lol)  in front of my house because our house is on top of a hill. So then they'd let me play it too, but when I lit the fuse, my brother would help me cover my ears for me =P (like when you're firing a gun).
resepi meriam 
With a lot of adults around me, so does the amount of 'adult supervision'. Some movies and stuffs on TV were already checked and filtered by the Lembaga Penapis, but when I watch TV or movies with my brothers and sisters, it got filtered again: they wouldn't let me see even a kissing scene, so the other bases are of course out of the question. They'd say "you're still just a brat, you're not old enough to see this kinda stuffs", and sometimes even covered my eyes for me. But strangely enough, they encouraged me to not close my eyes when watching a horror movie. If someone scream or cry or close their eyes, he/she would be laughed at. So yeah, even now, I still feel 'awkward' watching those touching, romantic moments, but I don't have any problems with suspenseful scenes ^^;
right. I didn't even know who mar1a 0zawa is up till 2 years ago. even then I found out because one of my girl friend mentioned her name and I asked her, but she wouldn't tell me so later I googled her up and my browser's clean history is history. T_T


cc said...

tempurung KABAID?


aku pun baru mengenali maria ozawa. ketika final year di uni dulu. semua pengaruh rakan haha

Dr.Senbe said...

kann.. haha kita mmg innocent

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