Thursday, April 14, 2011


          My Mak's a Chinese-born. She was born in a Chinese family, but it was a hard and harsh time for everyone, so they thought that another baby girl just doesn't help with the situation. On another side of the town, my grandmother, who's a Malay, couldn't have any child, so they decided to adopt. And so Mak was brought into the Malay family, being grandma's and granddad's first daughter.. =))
          Mak was brought up as a true Muslim and Malay; she doesn't know how to speak Chinese at all, but she's fluent in Malay and Jawa. =P One thing that still binds her to her Chinese origin, might be just genetics and looks. Some of our siblings really look somewhat Chinese-ish, and people can easily recognize us; they said we just had that similar looks to each other.. was it the sepet eyes? lol.
          And maybe there's just one other thing besides our genetics and looks: a few Chinese from our town acknowledge that we're relatives, and said that Mak's their sibling, and so they give us some more discounts in their stores ^^;;
p/s: we should've practice both Raya and Chinese Ney Year.. then I'd get both Duit Raya and Ang Pao. my annual income could double!! XDvv


cc said...

xyah la verangans, thn dpn ko pasti dah tak layak utk dpt duit raya.

hilang je title student, hilanglah duit raya mu =P

Dr.Senbe said...

ye ke? bkn smpai keje??

cc said...

motip ko xde niat nak kje terus? pemalas =P

Dr.Senbe said...

ah ko pun menganggur sambil bisnes cupcake kjp dulu.. bkn trus dpt kje skrg. logik a yah pun menganggur japp hahahh

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