Friday, April 08, 2011

Day 9 - Item Last Purchased

Food item doesn't count right? haha obviously if this includes food, my last purchase would be FOOD =p
          So last week we went shopping at Greenhills (actually we went again today, but I didn't find anything that I like, so I bought nothing today). It was only about 10-15 minutes drive. I was running low on my Abercrombie & Fitch's Wakely perfume, so I bought just that. It was last year (? or maybe last 2 year's) birthday present (thanks to Bell, Shafiq Anep, Aliya, dll(??)). I used it a LOT because I've just sort of fallen in love with it. They gave me the 30 mL eau de parfum, but I bought a bigger one; 50mL. It should be USA$50, but the store has 30% off, so I was charged only about USA$38.
          Official product description: Wakely is confident and sexy, yet always leaves something to the imagination. Intriguing and mysterious, jasmine and amber blend together into a warm sensuality. Notes of sweet cream deliver softness unlike anything else while clean citrus refreshes the senses.
          Other source: Get emboldened with Wakely by Abercrombie & Fitch, a confident and saucy fragrance. This amazing Abercrombie & Fitch perfume has sharp and dominant top notes of Jasmine and Amber. With Sweet Cream as its heart note, this fragrance for ladies takes you to the next level gently and softly. This Abercrombie & Fitch perfume ends the symphony of scents with base notes of Clean Citrus, tangy and tantalizing. In a plain black and gray bottle, this fragrance for ladies looks as unassuming as it is intriguing. Play with the senses of smell, as Wakely by Abercrombie & Fitch acts as an aphrodisiac too.
          My thoughts: It mostly smells of amber and sweet cream on me; the jasmine and citrus parts are usually noticeable only when I first sprayed it on. And after a while, when only the base-note should be visible, rather than citrus, it smells more like musk. It's for ladies, but I don't think it's too girly-girly. And it doesn't smell like a bouquet of flowers or sweetness ;))
some reviews. adoii x ckup 'perempuan' ke perfume ni? haha
p/s: kali ni x ngelat rajin2 keke


cc said...

bagus! update begini yang kita mahukan. keep it up (bagi semangat jitu sambil tepuk bahu)

aku tak pernah dengar brand ni. nanti birthday aku, tlg hadiahkan anick goutal punya perfume boleh?

Dr.Senbe said...

time birthday ko, yah dh kat malaysia..mahal2. nnt ko beli sndiri je ah haha

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