Sunday, April 03, 2011

Day 3 – Perfect First Date

          My idea of a perfect first date? haha I don't even know what's the difference between the first and the other dates. OK, so I'll pretend that for my first date, we somewhat already know each other, so we can skip the awkward introduction and ice-breaking parts =P. (Seriously, I will never understand how people can go on blind dates and so on.. isn't it awkward?)
          First things first: NO holding hands, NO skinships. There are so many ways to be affectionate and romantic, without having to resort to touching skin on skin. As I am quite strict about this issue, it'd be interesting to see how he'd act and treat me knowing that. Compared to holding hands, I think I'd appreciate him taking care of me more. If he thinks that I'm just too reserved and strict about skinship, and thus think that I'm kinda 'hard to get close to', it'd be better for us to just forget about it; a relationship built on respect is more solid and everlasting than one built on lust, after all.
          I don't want to see some movies in cinema. Just because when I go watch a movie, I go to watch it, not to talk to people. Even going with my friends, I usually ignore my friends when they tried talking to me during the show, or I just answered them as quickly, and half-assedly as possible to silence them. So, NO CINEMA (else he'd think i'm just cold and not interested in him). If he really wants to watch a movie, and at the same time talk, just have it at some place not in the cinema.
          I prefer having a laid-back atmosphere, like strolling along the beach, walking through the garden, or just sightseeing the downtown. And if there's some market like the flea or local markets, we'd go see it, and just walk and talk and enjoy the atmosphere. I won't even ask for flowers or presents or whatever, but it'd be really sweet if we found some inexpensive pretty things in the market, and we'd buy each other something. The key point is that it's not expensive, because after all, it's only the first date ^^; (am not a gold-digger). OR just buy ice-cream.. I'd be super happy after that haha. And if he's a daredevil like I am, a theme park or bungee jumping would be really cool lol.
Actually, it'd be interesting to see how i'll be when i'm in love someday. Would I act different? Would I fake weakness and fragility in front of him, or would he already know what kind of person I am? 0_0


wawamagic said...

rather long description. i know ur dream kih3

Dr.Senbe said...

manaaa..1 paragraph je kot yg btul2 psl date tu haha

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