Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 17 – Hopes for the Future

I hope I can get a job and a career that's got something to do with engineering and research, and it'll be greater if I can go work and/or study in Japan. I hope that I'll have my own family, my own home and car, those basic kinda things. Then I wanna go travel to a lot of places. And live a happy, full, and filling life.
p/s: I've been wanting to donate blood since forever, but haven't gotten to yet. And maybe do some charity volunteering works?


raindrops_on_my_head said...

about that blood donating.. somehow me too... every time those people from the blood bank come to my uni, I either am sick or having my period~~

Dr.Senbe said...

tu la. aku time nk donate kat PLKN x ckup 18 tahun lg, so kena dpt sign parents dulu, pstu time kat sini, aku baru balik dr trip jln1 so die x bg donate gak.. T_T

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