Friday, March 25, 2011


The parenting style.
          How's your dad's parenting? is he the hard one between your parents, or is he the soft one? you know the typical Malay dad with a mustache, a strict face, and a cane in his hands? yeah my dad was like that when he was young. my older siblings'd know how hard it was at that time. but then as he's getting older, and by the time I was born, he's cooled down a LOT and thus I'm considered 'lucky' and spoiled. I've never been beaten or hit or caned. the closest one I've experienced was when my sister CikNa and I were playing in the shower, and it was near dusk, then we quarreled and made some ruckus. as it was such a bad time to be making noises like that, my dad lost his temper and took out his belt. he intended to whip both of us but somehow only CikNa got a few of the strikes. I was only a few years old (maybe 5 or 6) so I don't remember it too clearly (maybe my head purposefully block the memory or something, idk haha), but somehow I escaped that scene safe and sound.
          My mom's the soft one. She'd speak softly, and she's closest to us. most of us (when still payless/ students) asked allowance from my mom. we rarely have the guts to ask from my dad. i guess only CikNa has asked for some money from my dad lol. You know how people says that a perfect couple is one who completes each other? my dad's the type that remembers people's names, but harder to know their faces, and my mom's the opposite of that; she'd know faces better than their names. If my dad's hot-blooded, my mom's a cool-type. she'd rarely get angry, and even when she'd reprimanding us, her words are still soft yet you know you're being reprimanded. (she's great, right =p)
          OK. so now you're thinking that I'm such a spoiled kid right. but then again, having a LOT of older siblings mean that I have a LOT of parent-ly figures above me, too. I have to listen to a LOT of people. sure, my parents never hit me, but that doesn't mean i've never been pinched or scolded or yelled at. Especially with one of my sister, she has this habit of pinching people, and when we were little and naughty, she'd pinched us really hard and when we cried, she'd keep pinching harder, and said "go on, cry. cryyyyyyy", and won't let go until we stopped crying. see, she's evil right. (haha but i guess from her point of view we're the evil ones.. being too hyperactive and not behaving properly, making a mess, running wild around the house, until another sister of mine cried because she couldn't stand us being that hyper lol)


cc said...

aku pernah kena sebat pakai belt meh? tak ingat langsung haha.

yg cubit tu definitely kak ipah!

Dr.Senbe said...

ntah..kau la slalu bising2 ckp mane aci, mane aci kau je yg kne sebat haha.
n mmg tu psl k.ipah pon =p

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