Monday, January 31, 2011

the bees and the buzz

i don't care if you're as busy as a bee, a buzzy bee, or a busy body, your matters are not more or less important than mine's. the BUZZ feature on YM is overrated and overused. stop buzzing. i hate it when people message me like 10 seconds ago, and then they buzz, and then another message, and then dude i got it. no need to buzz every.fucking.time. I, for one, am not diligent with replying calls, messages, emails, texts, what-fucking-ever. human interactions is troublesome. yeah i said it. I'm not a social withdraw, but really, replying a message is a right saved for the recipient, don't take it for granted. (like all my queries are replied to right)
p/s: know what I hate even more? a BUZZ, then "     ". nothing. YOU BUZZed, THEN NOTHING? YEAH RIGHT I'M GONNA REPLY TO THAT.


cc said...

aku suka BUZZ ko, do u hate me now? :D

Dr.Senbe said...

no i still love you

bcos i have to


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