Wednesday, January 12, 2011


iamnotsuicidal. idonthavemostofsuicidalbehaviours. butiwonderif.
willtheycry? willyoucry?
thesecretishowtodie, deathisbutthebeginning.
like every other posts, i am just writing for wonderings' sake.
this 'confession' label is quite something; one moment it is funny, the other serious.
so do not read too much of this musings; for i am just a muse.

i will not kill myself because i am a muslim, and Islam strictly forbids committing suicide. in Islam's teachings, committing suicide is a big sin. you'll get long time in hell, and you won't even get to smell the smell of heaven. so no, i am not considering, attempting, or committing this big sin. fyi.

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