Monday, November 22, 2010

youtube, dragon ball, and the afterprom shower

so what, exactly, is the connection between youtube, dragon ball, and an afterprom shower?

maybe it's the awesomeness of male-bonding.
or how guys get all heated up and sweaty to save the universe from evil, evil prom supervising teachers villains.
or maybe just because there's guys in it.

well whatever it is, don't you think that this is a little too random, even for youtube? i mean, yes, i've been suggested a number of videos that is OOC of me to find on my own; like a '70's hit rock song, a jackass video of a jackass doing stuffs, or of a mama-bird feeding her baby-birds, and then eating the babies' craps.. but i've always find the 'Because you watched/liked/favourited..' to be reasonable; the '70's rock because someone i subscribed to favourited it, the jackass because a friend liked it, and the eating-shit bird because i was watching a lot of cat videos.

so. can anyone tell me what's the direct connection between 'Because you watched DragonBall Online Official Cinematic Opening Intro [HD]' to what seemingly 2-3 guys bathing together in the afterprom shower?

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